Thursday, April 28, 2016

Selling a House for Cash Using Creative Real Estate Solutions

If you're like most people, the first thing you imagine when you think of selling a house is the tiring cycle of home improvements, real estate agents, home showings, tedious negotiations and more. 
What if we told you that we have many more creative ways to help you sell your home that will never involve a single agent or prospective buyer visit? It's true. 
Our speciality is coming up with creative real estate solutions to help you with selling a house for cash. We can find a creative way to get you cash for your home no matter what condition it is in or how much equity you have in the property.
Among the creative solutions we can offer are:
Home auctions: Your house sells to the highest bidder at an auction where tens, or even hundreds, of prospective buyers are ready to buy homes for cash.
Fash Cash Options: Fast cash options most often involve simply selling your house to an investor, or group of investors, who may rent it, resell it, renovate it or even live in it themselves. 
House swaps: Our network of investors and creative real estate experts can arrange a house swap with someone who needs to relocate to your area for a set period of time.
No matter what creative solution we find for your house, the result is the same for you. Cash delivered quickly into your hands while we take care of the hard work and details.
Be assured, your home sale is safe in our hands. We have found creative real estate solutions for countless homes and delivered much-appreciated cash fast to our satisfied sellers. 

Interested in selling your house for cash? Get in touch with us today!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Real Estate Agents Won't Tell You About Selling a Home Quickly!

Do you have a home that you no longer want, can afford or need? Are you dreading putting it on the market? Come to us instead! We buy homes for cash without the hassle of the real estate market.
Maybe your family has grown and you need a bigger place or maybe your kids have gone to college and you are ready to downsize into a cozier living space. 
Whatever the reason for selling a home, most homeowners agree on one thing: having it on the real estate market is a real drag. Real estate agents will likely suggest costly upgrades to create "curb appeal" and you'll have people coming over to look at your property constantly and expecting it to look photo shoot-ready.
Is it any wonder that people dread having to sell their homes?
You'll likely go through the entire process thinking, "How long does it take to sell a home?" 
If you use our service, the answer is: very quickly. We represent investors who buy homes and we would love to help you sell a house for cash.
We have an easier way that real estate agents will never tell you about. You can have cash in your hands quickly and painlessly and never have to have your house on the market at all. No real estate agents, no prospective buyers. Just us. 
We'll come over, evaluate your home and offer you a fair price paid quickly. It's as simple as that. No matter what your unique needs are, no matter how much equity you have in the home, no matter what condition it is currently in, we want to buy it. 

Do you want to sell a home for cash without the hassle of the real estate market? Get in touch with us today and let us show you the easy way to sell your home that no real estate agent wants you to know about.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Selling a House for Cash in Unique Situations

Do you feel you have a unique situation? Are you looking to sell your home but are not sure of the best approach due to your specific situation? Consider selling your house for cash. We Buy Your Austin Home represents thousands of real estate investors. Over the years these investors have seen just about every situation imaginable including:
  • Divorce
  • Inherited homes
  • Deceased owners
  • Missing owners
  • Owners that are in jail
  • Homes damaged by fire
  • Homes with mold
  • Families with extensive medical bills
  • Homes damaged by flooding
  • People looking to move for a job transfer
  • Neighbor disputes causing a homeowner to want to sell
  • Homes damaged by a natural disaster
  • Families facing foreclosure
  • Hoarder homes
  • Homes in poor condition
Selling a home through a real estate agent will take a minimum of 30 to 60 days but likely even longer. Unique situations, like those listed above, tend to make a home difficult to sell so it is on the market for an extensive period of time. Often, people are looking to sell quickly, which isn't possible through traditional real estate methods. 
Selling for cash is a much quicker process and can even be accomplished in days. Typically the sale is complete in 2 or 3 weeks. The real estate investors that buy a home for cash may decide to make it a rental property or they may make repairs and then sell the house. No matter what your specific situation is, it is not likely you are the first person to have faced it. Therefore, it is likely we have seen it before as well. We have helped owners overcome many difficult issues so they can successfully sell their home. 
To sell your house for cash, call our office at (512)-766-3221 or fill out a form online. You will receive one or more offers. You can choose the offer you like, but you also have the option to say no thanks. You are not obligated to accept an offer.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Three Common Situations in Which You Should Sell Your House for Cash

Each year many Americans find themselves in a financial situation they didn't anticipate. They often feel like they have no way out. If you are currently considering your options look into selling your house for cash. Here are three common situations in which selling for cash is the best solution.
Facing Foreclosure
You may have lost your job or had a reduction in wages. Now you are unable to make the mortgage payments and you know foreclosure is a possibility in the future. Instead of just waiting for the worst to happen, take steps now to save your financial future. Sell your house for cash before foreclosure occurs. This will prevent your financial records from being tarnished and allow you to recover without long-term implications.
Medical Costs
Whether you have been in an accident or have required medical treatment for a serious illness the bills have become overwhelming. Now is the time to consider selling your home for cash. You will no longer have the mortgage and tax bills to pay and you will earn money to help pay down the medical bills. 
Your marriage has ended and you are ready to move on with your life. It is difficult though since you still live in the same house. All the memories surround you and you are paying a large mortgage for only one person. You have thought about putting the house on the market but you don't want all the nosey neighbors coming over trying to figure out what happened. Instead sell for cash so you can start a new chapter in your life quickly and without a hassle.

Millions of Americans face the circumstances described above each year. You are not alone. Selling your house for cash will allow you to get out of the current situation and move forward with your life.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Locating and Working With Investors Who Buy Homes

Select real estate markets in the United States will always be hot, but a large number of home sellers in all of the other markets will inevitably feel like they are going through a slow death when they try to sell their homes. Selling a home through traditional channels involves listing the home with a realtor, staging the home for showings, and waiting for a lender to approve a prospective buyer's mortgage application. A quicker and more effective home sale strategy is to sell the home to an investor who buys homes. Locating and working with a home investor is easier than you may realize.
The real estate investment community in the United States is expanding rapidly. Investors often have access to private funds and are able to extend all-cash offers for your home. The offer price that you receive from an investor will likely be less than you might ask for the home if you listed it with a realtor, but your net proceeds after a sale to an investor are usually the same or even more than your proceeds might be after a sale through traditional channels. Investor offers often close within thirty days or less, thus reducing the carrying costs that you would incur while you wait for a sale to close. You will pay no real estate commissions and will have no obligation to stage the house or to update or repair any of its systems. In short, you can be out of the house and have cash in your pocket within a few days or weeks after you sign a sale agreement with an investor.
Most metropolitan areas have real estate investment associations that meet at least monthly to share ideas and sales leads. Your first step toward locating an investor should be to contact an association in your area. You might also see ads for people and organizations that buy houses. You should contact more than one of those organizations in order to get competitive bidding interest in your home.
The investor's purchase offer will probably look different from the type of purchase offer that you might receive from a retail purchaser. Investor offer contracts often include clauses, for example, that allow the investor to assign a contract to another buyer. The investor might also offer to take over payments and maintenance on the house in the near term with a final purchase happening at a later date. Don't be put off by the form of offer that you receive from an investor. Real estate investors are very creative and will often be willing to work with you to devise a purchase solution that works for all parties.

At the end of the day, if you are trying to sell your home and are having no success with traditional sales channels, selling to an investor who buys homes can be your best alternative to get out of your home quickly with the largest amount of net cash proceeds in your bank account.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sell Your Home Quickly For Sudden Situations

Sometimes, life throws us an unexpected curve ball.  In one instance, your job closes the branch/franchise and forces you to relocate to remain with the company.  Another instance revolves around sudden inheritance due to a loved one's passing.  A third instance is moving back home due to a family illness.  Military relocation, divorce, and starting over are other reasons for the unexpected curve ball.  Regardless, a home is standing between you and your new circumstance.  Remove responsibility from yourself and transfer the property to investors.  You're free to focus on imperative tasks.
Selling a home quickly begins with contacting us.  Tell us your conundrum.  We work promptly to solve the issue.  A walk-through and an offer later, your home is out of your hands and into ours. Assuming you accept our cash offer, we can speed up the home selling/home buying process.  Vandalized homes, inherited homes, occupied homes, bank-owned/mortgage homes, and homes on the market, all homes are welcome.  Don't have time to remove belongings?  We got you covered. Do you prefer to remain in the home until relocation day?  We'll do that too. We examine the home and offer a reasonable price for it. Our flexibility allows us to work around your schedule. 
Does it sound like a dream?  It usually does, but not in our case.  Investors want to ensure a smooth, stress-free process.  The time-consuming, standard real estate process doesn't apply to you.  Home maintenance and personal issues don't mix; it takes too long to find a buyer while keeping the home presentable. An investor/owner discussion, an inspection, a cash bid, and an accept/decline response happens within a week or two; in the same timeframe you're working with a realtor to get your home on the market.  Sell your home to investors for the fastest and reliable tradeoff.

In conclusion, don't let a home stop you from making a life-altering decision.  Investors are waiting for you to make the first step.  Contact us for more information.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Selling a Home Quickly Does Not Have to Leave You Without a Home

When most people decide that they are going to sell their home, they go through a lengthy process of making minor repairs, staging their home, and working with a realtor to list it in the most attractive manner. However, going through all of these steps is not necessary to get your home off of your hands. Although you might think that selling a home quickly will leave you without a home to live in, you can utilize all of the options that you have to end up moving out of your home and directly into a new one.
Trade Properties to Accommodate Your Financial Situation
Although it does require a perfect match, you can trade your house with another homeowner who is looking to move out of their current home and into a different one that accommodates different needs. For instance, if you want to reduce your monthly expenses, you can do so by downsizing with a trade.
Downsize to Minimize Expenses as a Whole
The main purpose of downsizing is to cut down on your total expenses. For instance, since these properties are valued anywhere from slightly lower to substantially lower than other homes, you get to look forward to minimal property taxes. Smaller homes, for the most part, also come with lower utility bills and house payments, so you will get to enjoy legitimate savings in more than a few ways.
Get a Home in a Location More Suited to Your Needs
If you have to commute a decent distance to get your job, you might want to trade for a property that is closer to your work, which will help you minimize the cost of driving there and back. It is also important to consider the other location-related details that will affect your family.

Trading homes is an easy way to transition from one home to another.